Living Proof

London, 18–30 September 2008

Living Proof, London
Living Proof, London

A ground-breaking exhibition of current projects in people-centred design and innovation from the Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre opens as part of the London Design Festival 2008.

The Helen Hamlyn Centre is one of the most distinctive design organisations in the UK. Recognised around the world as having placed inclusive design firmly on the map, the Centre has researched and promoted the practice since its inception in 1999. Its well-established programmes are seen as leading the way in the field.

Living Proof points towards a more human-centred design future with an exhibition of research-led design projects created or catalysed by the Helen Hamlyn Centre. Its viewpoint is that the litmus test for design that is inclusive and fit for purpose is how well it responds to the evidence of people's lives.

Visitors to Living Proof will be able to see the pick of current practice - exhibits range from design concepts that aid patient safety to innovations that improve working life and enhance independent living. With each project a variety of methods have been employed to gather evidence for design decision-making, importantly through the participation of users at different stages of the design process. Designers are encouraged to see the world through users’ eyes and base their creative ideas on real experience coupled with research findings.

Shown for the very first time are a number of research projects, including The Welcoming Workplace, which is funded as part of the Designing for the 21st Century initiative. The focus of the project is rethinking office environments to enable growing numbers of older people to participate in the 21st century knowledge economy.

The projects are supported by a range of leading industry and third-sector partners, as well as the UK Research Councils, and they are drawn from various Helen Hamlyn Centre programmes, including the Research Associates, Challenge Workshops and Design for Our Future Selves Awards.


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