Vehicle Design

Case study reviews of existing and potential manufacturing methods and technologies appropriate to meet likely UK and European demand were carried out to understand production and manufacturing options. This included an exploration of new and emerging lowvolume technologies such as rapid prototyping and manufacture used in specialist arenas including motor sport. Vehicle engineering and associated systems were then surveyed, with particular regard to chassis/drive chain and intelligent vehicle technologies. This also encompassed sustainability issues in terms of full lifecycle energy usage, followed by the specific consideration of modularity and rapid reconfiguration.


The above considerations and findings were used as the basis of briefing documentation for a Masters vehicle design studio project, which explored a wide range of system and vehicle design options.


In the latter part of the project a full team review of all system/vehicle design options, informed by the results of other work packages, reduced the options to a smaller number of potential alternatives, developed as mechanical and package layouts, 3D models and animation scenarios covering the full range of proposed applications. Iterative design evolution and testing against service and treatment models/requirements provided further refinement in preparation for public presentation and stakeholder/industry evaluation.