Rob Thompson

Rob Thompson is Research Associate on the Smart Pods project at the Royal College of Art, in the Vehicle Design department and Helen Hamlyn Centre. An award-winning designer with expertise in colour, materials and finish, he has been involved in the development of materials and products for a range of international clients. Read Rob's full profile


Helen Hamlyn Centre

The Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre provides a focus for people-centred design and innovation at the RCA. Its multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, architects, anthropologists and communication experts undertake practical research and projects with industry to advance an approach to design within the RCA that is people-centred and socially inclusive. Find out more


Vehicle Design

Vehicle Design at the RCA seeks to pioneer new approaches for our mobile futures. Traffic jams, congestion-charging, parking restrictions, safety and environmental concerns are all determinants of the changing landscape for private and public transport. Find out more


Royal College of Art

The RCA is unusual both in its particular juxtaposition of art in a design environment and design in an art environment, and in its advancement of knowledge in the principles of art and design in their specific relation to industrial and commercial processes. The belief that knowledge can be generated, and questions answered, through analytic scholarship, experimentation and innovative examples of artefacts and designs, underpins our developing research projects and disciplines. Our interdisciplinary structure has facilitated our rapidly expanding research profile, as has our commitment to individual research practice, enquiry and output of international excellence. Find out more

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